“A video still from a mounted camera captures the moment before a self-driving Uber SUV fatally struck a woman in Tempe, Ariz., last March [2018].” Tempe Police Department/AP

The immediate response by one of the people who should receive the most blame for stoking a violent constituency over the years. | Source

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a 2018 Congressional hearing on privacy (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images | Source)

A photo of now-Justice Amy Coney-Barrett’s swearing in at her first confirmation hearing. | Source, originally Erin Schaff/Pool via REUTERS

A visualization of political social networks from research by Bakshy, Messing, and Adamic. | Source
Information technology and its interactions with our psychology have dramatically changed the underlying processes of democracy. Will we be able to adapt? | Source

Apparently, a landscape in Provence, France. When in doubt, use a random landscape photo. | Source

Nick Rabb

PhD student in Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Tufts University, organizer with Sunrise Movement, Dissenters, MA Peace Action. Philosophy nerd.

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