We Have Failed Trump’s (Inadvertent) Moral Test

Nick Rabb
10 min readDec 29, 2018
To think that we fell beneath this guy’s morality is truly pathetic | Source

The recent military policy decision by President Trump has inadvertently pulled the American people into a test that they seem to be failing with flying colors. How does the political spectrum, establishment, and outsider presence react to an executive decision to pull troops out of a war zone; one that many consider to be a continued failing of foolish modern American military policy? This is an unexpectedly incredible test that reveals the moral and strategic underpinnings of the United States foreign policy, any congressional representative who has spoken on the issue, and clearly of the media. Because of the impromptu nature of the announcement, it seems that we are seeing just as ad hoc reactions from those who comment on the story. When anyone is under pressure to speak quickly on an issue, with little preparation, it’s less likely that they will have time to prepare some kind of well-crafted political statement. Rather, we are seeing the true colors of the United States political establishment on a depressingly proud display for everyone to witness.

What has been the reaction?

So far, the majority of establishment reactions are predictably hawkish; resorting to insulting Trump as a fool who knows nothing of foreign policy and has foolishly stumbled into what may as well be a global catastrophe. What’s new? Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have been quick to condemn the decision as a reckless and harmful foreign policy move. The dual-party nature of the response is really quite unique in that both sides of the United States political spectrum rarely agree on any issues at all.

A hawkish response from Republican lawmakers is to be expected. Long has the Republican party been the party of “realists”: choosing to engage in wars that Democrats are too liberal, and tree-hugging to engage in; wars of necessity on which only the rugged would dare embark. A condemnation of a move towards non-intervention in a war zone is all too familiar and anticipated from the (truly radical) right.

…the trend is consistent across reporting from CNN, MSNBC, and others.

Deeper intrigue is instead presented from the standpoint of the establishment left, who — contrary to their…

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